Cala Bassa Beach Club

If you would like to have a great day at the beach with some glitter and glamour, look no further. Cala Bassa Beach Club has it all! What a great beach club at the south of Ibiza. I will be honest with you, because when you visit this beautiful beach and you want to relax at a sunbed, please make sure that you make a reservation.

Cala Bassa is 20 – 30 minutes away from Ibiza town and 15 minutes from Sant Antonio. This is by car. It is a busy beach, because the water is so clear, you can walk into the sea for 10 meters before your hips touch the water. There is a great beach club and it is called Cala Bassa Beach Club! They have some great sunbeds, unbrella’s and staff. I really want to thank the staff, because they are running towards you if you want to order something. They make you feel like you are the king!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cala bassa beach club

These sunbeds are the best! Please make sure you’ll make a reservation and check out their website! You can find it here.

It is beach club with a great menu. If you’ll ask me, I would say that you’ll have to make sure you’ll arrive early so you can enjoy the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner. The paella and sushi are great! And as well the sangria. So maybe you want to order this great recommendations. 😉

On the beach you will come across a lot of famous people. For expamle a new player of AC Milan, it was a coincidence that Andrea Conti was in the sunbed next to me. It was a really nice guy, every Italian wanted to make a picture with him and he made time for everyone!

Again, this was a great day! Lovely beach, great people, superb staff and delicious food. Make sure you visit Cala Bassa Beach Club!





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