Gare du Nord Ibiza

Gare du Nord is a small bed & breakfast in the north of Ibiza, it is located in Sant Joan. If you travel by car, you can reach Sant Joan in 40 minutes from the airport. First let’s have a look at the village Sant Joan. It is a small town with a chirch, three restaurants / bars, a supermarket and a pharmacy. The highway (PM-811) is going through the village, but it still is a nice and quit place.

We’ve stayed at Gare du Nord Ibiza for a couple nights and it was amazing. The owner is Dutch, he told us he lived in Amsterdam for six years and worked in multiple restaurants in Holland but at one point he told his wife he wanted to go on an adventure. So they travelled to Ibiza and they started Ducks United. Ducks United is a company where you can rent old cars: ducks. After this he wanted to start a bed & breakfast and after he found a nice place, he rented this place from the owners and made a great hotel of it!

All the people at Gare du Nord are great, they are so helpful, they know great beaches, they make some great breakfast, they gave us a great welcome with some delicious mojito’s and also made sure we would come back! Also we told everybody at home about our stay here and some friends of us are going to Ibiza next year. They definitely will stay over for a couple of nights.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gare du nord ibiza

This is reason to come to Gare du Nord. Look at this stunning bedroom! We loved it the moment we saw this. And I will tell you one little secret, the bed is nice and soft. The moment my head touched the pillow, I fell a sleep the first night! Do not expect a five star hotel when you book this bed & breakfast, because it is possible that you do not like the bathroom for example. It is simple, it is clean and you’ll use it when you have to go to the toilet, get a shower or brush your teeth. So just go with it..

The breakfast is great, wow, really great. Every morning there is a croissant for you, yoghurt with fresh fruit, bread, eggs, Spanish ham and chorizo. You’ll get a fresh juice, nice coffee or tea and anything else, just ask it. They serve breakfast in the garden, it is really lovely, in the shadow and it is so quiet and peaceful. We loved it! Maybe because we live in Amsterdam and there are always noices around us, but believe me if you enjoy your holiday, this will make it even better!


Also if you are looking for a lovely dinner, please make sure you’ll visit Gare du Nord! The dinner is great, everything is made fresh and the chef is a absolute wizard. He can make the food so tasty. It looks great, it tasted great, it is served great and I can not think of an other word then great. It was absoluty lovely. I will tell you more in some other blog later, but I will rate my dinner at Gare du Nord with a ten!


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