Aiyanna Ibiza

Wow. Serious, that was the first thing in my mind when I arrived at Aiyanna Ibiza. Everything is great, the view is amazing, the food is delicious, the service is great, the seats are nice and the beach club (restaurant) itself is really breathtaking. If I would rate Aiyanna, I would give it a 9.5. Why not a 10? The only thing that they can improve are the roadsigns. Because without internet on my iPhone, I would probably not find it. But when you arrive, and please visit it, everything is forgotten.

I’ve heard about Aiyanna the first time when a friend told me that Amante Ibiza has got a new little sister and it was worth a visit. So that is what we’ve did! Aiyanna is open since this summer, it is located in Cala Nova, on Ibiza ofcourse. When you think about planning a visit to Aiyanna, please make sure you’ll make a reservation, because more people have found this place and it would be a pity if you’ll have to wait for an couple of hours.


First we’ve had a couple of nice smoothies. They have some delicious smoothies, which are fresh and tasty. You can taste the love, I think that is their secret. You can choose a seat in the front of the beach club so you’ll have the view as in the picture above. Just look at the waves and chill. If you are hungry, go and sit ‘inside’ the restaurant. They have a great terrace under the umbrellas (which are so amazing!), so you will not burn. You can sit in the sun if you want, but with my skin, it isn’t very clever.

The menu is great, you can choose anything. The waitress also asked us if we have any allergies or we would like vegan food. But both of the questions are a no, so we could order what we would like. My choice was a crispy chicken salad with tomato and avocado. My girl wanted a hamburger, so her choice was a Aiyanna special burger with caramelized unions and truffle. What a great food, it was delicious! Really, really good. And the staff is very nice, they asked us if we liked the food and asked us if we wanted anything else, a drink or sauce or anything. That is what I love about a good restaurant!

Check it out yourself over here: menu

After this great lunch we’ve had a coffee. My choice was simple, I have had a short night so I’ve decided to go for an espresso. My girlfriend had a cappuccino. After this we’ve paid the bill and it was not expensive I can tell you that, not cheap but not expensive. The view, the staff, the food, the drinks, we loved it. We would come back every day if we could. But we would like to see more of Ibiza, so a visit to Aiyanna has to wait untill we come back!


Are you convinced now?



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