Portinatx beach

In this blog I would like to tell you more about the beach at Portinatx in the north of Ibiza. Portinatx is a lovely village and if you stay in Sant Joan you can reach it in 10 minutes by car. I’ll hope that I can give you an idea about how this beach is for you and your travelbuddy (or family or neighbour or friends).

This tiny town (it is a lot bigger than Sant Joan by the way) is located directly to the beach. You have multiple restaurants and hotels. If you want a mix of tourists and peace, it is a great place for you. If you are travelling with kids, this beach is great! You can walk into the water for 15 meter and still stand. The water is so clear, it is breathtaking! Really, you should visit this beach for one day. I love to throw a ball in the sea with my girlfriend or friends and that is something you can do in Portinatx.

Please when you step into the sea, try not to step on the fish that are swimming next to you. The water is so clear that you can see the fish under or next to you. And please buy a snorkelingset! You can see so many nice things in this beautiful underwaterworld.

If you want to eat something in the afternoon, there are some really nice, authentic restaurants where you can eat some great paella or fresh fish dishes. But if you like pizza or salads, do not worry, ofcourse you can find that in Portinatx as well.

Portinatx has got a small beach in front of the Barcelo Hotel where you can rent a boat! This is also a great idea for a nice day. You can rent a boat for €50,- an hour and if you want to rent a bigger or faster boat, you’ll have to pay more. Also at this spot, you can make some great pictures. You’ll have to walk in the opposit direction of that little beach I told you about. You’ll see only rocks and clear water! Do not forget your photo camera.

I would recommend Portinatx for a couple of days, but what I liked about Ibiza is that you can visit an other beach every day. If you have an other opinion than mine, let me know! Just leave a comment..



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