Home Loos Ibiza

If you visit Ibiza and you are from Holland, please make sure you stop at restaurant Home Loos in Ibiza Town. The Dutch owners make this place famous for years now! They have some of the great tapas on the whole island. The owner moved more than ten years ago from The Hague (The Netherlands) to Ibiza and made this place his own.

It is a small restaurant and you can eat some delicious tapas but also they have Dutch specialities. So if you are Dutch and you do miss home, I can not imagine that you do, you can order some dishes that you can order in a Dutch bar. If you are a fan of the Spanish kitchen, you can eat your heart out! They have a lot of different tapas and every tapas is fresh made! You will love it. You will find the menu here.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor restaurant home loos ibiza

Don’t you worry about the language, because the waiters speak multiple languages. They speak Spanish, Dutch and English, so you’ll find a way to order your favorite meal. And make sure that you’ll order sangria! I loved it!

Do I need to say more? Great food, superb location, very nice people and for every Dutchie around us: the possibility to speak Dutch on this beaufitul island!





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