Explore Ibiza

In this first blog I would like to tell you how I explored Ibiza the first time. Before I start this blog I would like to thank you for reading it and thank you for visiting my website!

Let’s begin! In my first trip to Ibiza I’ve made a very good choice. That choice was that I wanted to explore Ibiza with a car that I rented at the airport. With this Fiat 500 I could drive to any beach and any restaurant on the island. You can drive from south to north in about 45 – 60 minutes. If you have an airco and you have a photo camera with you (the island is so beautiful, I will guarantee you that you want to stop every 10 minutes to take a picture of the great landscape), every cartrip is worth it!

Also a very good choice was that I stayed in a very beautiful bed & breakfast in Sant Joan in the north of the island. This tiny village is 40 minutes away from the airport. You can find a supermarket, a couple of restaurants (I think four in total), a pharmacy and a church in this great place. Sant Joan is a quit place and from here you can explore some beaches in the north, for example: Portinatx, Cala Vicente, Cala Xarraca, Cala D’en Serra and Cala Llenya.

Let me tell you about the bed & breakfast. It is called Gare Du Nord. It is a great place to stay if you want to relax and chil. The owner is a Dutch guy and some of the people working there are also Dutch. If you are a Dutchie, just like me, it is nice to speak Dutch with them and they can tell you about all those great things Ibiza has to offer. The breakfast at this B&B is great! Every morning you get a croissant, coffee or tea, yoghurt, fresh fruit, Spanish ham, cheese and jam. Also the fresh juice they get you every morning is great!

In the evening Gare du Nord is a great restaurant. You can order some delicious dishes. The chef is originally from Argentina, but he has Spanish and Italian blood. And also he has worked at a Asian restaurant. So you can say that he knows all the dishes from across the world. I almost would say that it is a must to visit Gare du Nord just to sleep for a couple of days and certainly go there for a great dinner in the lovely garden!

In the next couple of days and weeks I will continue writing blogs and post pictures at my Instagram account Ibizaforyou to give my followers advice about Ibiza. If you have any tips, questions or comments please let me know! I like it when people tell their opinion so I can learn from it.

Special thanks to Gare du Nord!



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